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Access Parkour are the leading provider for teaching Parkour in Edinburgh and Scotland.

"Making movement accessible to all."



Access Parkour started as a solution to a problem.

Somewhere in the last few decades, we stopped moving and started sitting. Children stopped playing and started gaming. The majority of employment moved from physically demanding activities.....

...Show More/Less nine-to-five office jobs. Many would argue that this is good. Life is not as hard as it used to be, and most people live more comfortable lives. But through living comfortably we forgot how to live any other way. Any action you do not perform regularly is an action that you forget. If your day involves nothing but sitting, and occasionally moving from one seat to another, eventually, all you will be able to do is sit. We are not talking about putting on a pair of trainers and going for a run every other week. Access Parkour believes in the fundamental tenants of parkour; To be strong to be useful. We strive to live in a world where we are constantly challenged, constantly adapting and constantly achieving. To achieve this, Access Parkour introduces people to movement and challenge through parkour training. But we also strive to convert others to our cause. The more people who live with the same ethos as us, the better off we will all be. Whether that is simply attending an Access class once a week so you can reach the bottom shelf in the kitchen, or dedicating your life to parkour, we are here to help you every step of the way.

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