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Parkour class
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Making movement accessible to all





Access Parkour are leaders in teaching parkour and movement across Edinburgh and Scotland. We believe in making movement accessible to all.

Our range of healthy and fun classes provides something for everyone.
We teach parkour and movement outdoors and indoors across Edinburgh and Scotland. Our custom-built space for indoor classes is called Room To Move.

Our range of classes is designed for those entirely new to movement or exercise, as well as the more budding athletic enthusiasts.

Parkour coach
Parkour coach
Parkour coach
Parkour coach




Head over to our booking system on 'GoTeamUp' to view our class timetable and book a class. All our classes are drop in with no memberships needed.


person balancing

Being fit to play


Gwen Maugard

Software Engineer

After many years thinking I was too broken-up to do any more physical activity, I came across the BIG class at Room to Move. I really liked their approach to fitness: being fit to play, not to compete. And now, 2 years later, I am part of the "older" group playing Parkour a few evenings a week: I learned to use my body the way it is designed to be, and this, I really owe it to the Room to Move team. So a big thank you and a well deserved 5+ stars.

person stretching

Life changing


Victoria Bretherton

Mother of two

Access Parkour has literally changed my family for the better! My teenagers found a safe place to grow and become the amazing people they are, within a challenging, fun and accepting group.

They not only became better equipped physically and mentally to assess situations, to push themselves and to reflect on their actions but better able to interact with other people regardless of different ages and backgrounds.

I can't recommend Access Parkour highly enough.

happy person upside down

Curiosity paid off



I make Computer Games

Came out of curiosity and because I always get super jealous when I see people doing cool physical things that I can’t do. Stayed because it’s hella fun and the community is super supportive and inclusive. Was never once made to feel bad for not being able to do something, in what could otherwise be a very intimidating activity.



Check out what our classes look like below.
For more photos and videos from all our classes check out our gallery page.

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