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Find the perfect Parkour class for you with Access Parkour's wide range of adult classes.

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We teach indoor and outdoor classes. Complete beginners are welcome at all our classes!

There are Parkour classes, acrobatics or more relaxed, conditioning/ stretching classes to get back into movement.

We also teach bespoke workshops and private classes, so please contact us if you want to find out more.



Join our mailing list and pay at the class, or book now through the 'Mind Body' App or web page


Find the perfect Parkour class for you with Access Parkour's wide range of adult classes

Movement Basics

Wednesday (Holyrood Parliament)

19:30 - 21:00

A low impact movement class designed to help you learn Balance, Stability and Coordination, movement basics is the class for those wanting to step into the world of parkour and movement skills but who aren't entirely sure they are ready.

Led by our experienced coach Adam, it also serves as a great class for those engaged in Parkour who want to refine their skills or those who want to step a little beyond the regular 'Back in the Game' classes.

Class meets at Holyrood Parliament on the grass steps.

£12 Adults

£7.50 Discount

Back in the Game

Monday 20:00 - 21:00

Tuesday 19:00 - 20:00

Our BIG (Back in the Game) classes are the regular Conditioning Classes for Access Parkour. They provide access to movement in a safe environment, for those with no exercise background or those interested in developing full and functional range of motion. These classes serve to help people access their movement skills. For some, it is about preparing themselves better to join Parkour classes, for others it is simply a nice way to spend some time looking after your body and putting it through a range of healthy movements.

Both classes meet at Room to Move. Out indoor Parkour venue.

£10 Adults

£7 Discount



All of our Outdoor classes allow drop-in or you can purchase our Membership and attend whichever is most convenient. The classes meet at different locations across town. Join our Mailing list to receive an email before each class inviting you to sign up with the class location and content. 


Tuesday 19:00 - 20:30

Thursday 19:00 - 20:30

This class focuses on learning and refining movements and exploring the principles of Parkour.  A class for all levels (especially beginners) - mixed level environments are the backbone of Parkour training, there is always someone to support you. More experienced students provide tips to the less experienced and everyone is willing to take a second to spot and help someone else.

Locations of these Classes Vary. Join the Mailing list to learn the locations in advance.

£12 Adults

£7.50 Discount


Saturday 11:00 - 12:00

Sunday 13:00 - 14:30

Our weekend classes are a more relaxed experience. For those who want to enjoy themselves a bit more.

Parents class  runs at Holyrood Parliament and is aimed at those who want to learn a bit of Parkour while their children attend the U18s class. It always ends with the class going for coffee.

Sundays always meet at Holyrood Parliament and are perfect for those who like to roll out of bed late and enjoy the outdoors with some fun challenges.

£ Varies



All our Indoor Classes run at Room To Move. Our indoor venue at 41 West Bowling Green Street. EH6 5NX


Monday 18:15 - 19:45

Friday 18:30 - 20:00

Our adult Indoor classes are a fun and playful way to get fit and learn the basics of Parkour. Indoor classes regularly welcome beginners class so you will never be out of your depth. Indoor classes are an easy, accessible and slightly warmer way to get involved in Parkour. Perfect for beginners or small groups. Our purpose built scaffolding rig allows you to learn how to balance, vault and swing through the environment and brings you back in touch with your playful side again. Our classes are designed for those with no experience and are designed to help you get in shape, so there are no prerequisites to being able to join.

£12 Adults

£7.50 Discount

Open Sessions

Sunday 19:00 - 21:00

Normally our open sessions are cheap as chips and a great excuse to come and hang at Room to Move. But due to pandemic regulations - we need to keep it distanced and safe. So we've organised a special open session under the guidance of a coach so that you can enjoy Room to Move while staying safe.

We advise you only attend open session if you have some experience in Parkour already. 16+ only!

£12 Adults

£7.50 Discount



Alongside Parkour, we also teach classes in other things such as Handstands and Acrobatics.


Thursday 19:00 - 20:00 (R2M)

Sunday 18:00 - 19:00 (R2M)

Ever wanted to learn some of the more acrobatic movements surrounding Parkour? Our acrobatics classes introduce basic tricking and tumbling in a safe and secure manner with instructors that know exactly how difficult it is to transfer these movements to Concrete. Taught by Acro Coach Seb.

Meeting at Room to Move on Thursdays and Sundays

£10 Adults

£7 Discount


Monday 19:00 - 20:30 (Outdoors)

ADD (Art du deplacement) classes takes you back to the very beginning of Parkour. When it was still being developed in the suburbs of Paris it focused on strength, commitment and challenge. Where the only aim was to get stronger together to be useful to others..

These classes will be physically demanding but accessible to any level.,These classes can be thought of as S&C training with parkour movements. Taught by Stefano.

Location of this class varies but is presently meeting at Holyrood Parliament.

£12 Adult

£7.50 Discount


Tuesday 18:00 - 19:00 (R2M)

Join our handstand afficianados for our regular Handstand Class! 

Focused on both Physical Conditioning and Technical Practice, these classes aim to build a strong handstand while also playing with some playful variants. We are able to help complete beginners who struggle even to invert - but the class will be suitable for anyone looking to improve their handstands no matter their level.

This Class meets at Room to Move.

£10 Adults

£7 Discount


Wednesday 18:00 - 19:00 (online)

Thursday 20:00 - 21:00 (R2M)

Conditioning class is perfect for practitioners or Athletes who want a bit more informed training or those interested in overcoming small niggling or long term injuries. Expect strength based work, tips and tricks and lots of lovely injury preventing movements. Brought to you by Adam.


Meeting at Room to Move on Thursdays and running online through Zoom on Wendesdays. Join the APEs facebook group for the link.

£10 Adults

£7 Discount



Access Parkour offers a range of bespoke Private services for the varying needs of our clients. All of our coaches are able to introduce you to Parkour in a confident and friendly manner, but on top of this, each has an area where they particularly excel.

Whether you want to work on rehabilitating old injuries with Hedge or perfecting your Kong with David each of our instructors are happy to spend some time with you helping you develop your parkour skills.



If you can't quite decide which class to come to, or have any questions about classes, don't hesitate to get in contact with us.


Phone number: 01312125151


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We also teach children, parties and even corporate events.

Check out everything we get up to by heading over to our classes page to see the full list of everything we teach.

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Although no membership is required to attend any of our classes, most of our regular students decide to save money by become members paying a fixed amount each month rather than paying for individual classes.

Becoming a member gives you unlimited access to any of our classes. It's easy to join and is a great way to help you create good habits. We have a number of options based on your preferred method.



First Month for £40 - Become a member for one month and try out all our classes for only £40

Yearly Membership: £700 - Get 12 months as a member for the price of 10 with this great yearly membership option.

Student Membership £60 - University students get this discounted rate to attend classes and aren't locked into long contracts as they come and go with the terms.

Monthly Memberships (These are recurring payments)

Member £70

Member is our entry level membership option for those looking to attend classes regularly.

Member gets you all Access Parkour classes and open sessions. This includes both outdoor and indoor Parkour classes and our host of movement classes.

This works for adult and kids classes.

Members may bring along a friend for free if it's their first time (The C'tri clause)

Member+ £100

Our more advanced membership option for those looking to take their training more seriously.

Member + gets you all Access Parkour classes and open sessions as well as a one hour private training session per month with a coach of your choice. Your coach will use this training session to help set goals and work on any techniques that you feel need some personal advice.

Member++ £200

Our most tailored membership option for those looking to change their lives through Parkour

Member ++ gets you all Access Parkour classes and open sessions as well as a one hour private training session every week with a coach of your choice.

Your coach will use these training sessions to build you a training program that suits your needs and help you stick to it with regular updates. They will tailor it based on your personal requirements, help you avoid injury and generally make the most out of your time with Access Parkour.

Please note: Membership does not grant you free entry to private classes held at Room to Move by other teachers.



Want to see what it looks like? Check out our Gallery below to get a feel for what our classes look like.

See more photos from all our classes at our 'Media Gallery Page'



If we have left anything unclear, feel free to get in touch!
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Phone number: 01312125151