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Accessible Movement for All



Room to Move is a community focused fitness venue in Edinburgh, offering healthy classes for a range of different people. 

Our classes will help you take your first steps into movement no matter if it is: your weight; old injuries or just a lack of time holding you back. And when you are ready, we'll also offer fun, engaging and enjoyable ways to develop a movement practice that is suited to you. 

We're not another 'treadmill gym'. There are many ways to get and stay fit, and our movement inspired approach introduces you to healthy and fun ways to play with fitness, rather than treat it like a chore.

Our gym is located in north-east Edinburgh, 20 minutes bus or 30 minutes walk from Waverly train station. Limited free parking is available, and there is space for bikes.

41 West Bowling Green Street,

Edinburgh, Scotland





Either jump straight into our recommended 'Back in the Game' class, or check out everything we offer!


Get Back in the Game!

This class is perfect to start your journey or to regularly attend to look after your body!

Never exercised before?

Side-lined because of an injury?

Nervous and looking for a good place to start?

Join our Back In the Game class.

Where? Indoors Room To Move

When? Monday 8 - 9pm, Tuesday 7-8pm

Price? £10 per class


Show me everything!

Check out everything we get up to by heading over to our classes page.

We offer: Parkour, Handstands, Acrobatics, Strength and Conditioning, Hula-Hooping, Partnered Acrobatics, Breakdancing, Aerial Hammock and many other speciality workshops.

After many years thinking I was too broken-up to do any more physical activity, I came across the BIG class at Room to Move. I really liked their approach to fitness: being fit to play, not to compete. And now, 2 years later, I am part of the "older" group playing Parkour a few evenings a week: I learned to use my body the way it is designed to be, and this, I really owe it to the Room to Move team. So a big thank you and a well deserved 5+ stars.

Life Changing

Gwen Maugard

Software Engineer


Room to Move is our fitness venue where we hold our indoor classes.

All our classes are drop in, no contracts, no membership, you don't even have to book beforehand, although it is recommended to ensure availability.

Who are the coaches?

The classes are lead by a team of dedicated and highly qualified coaches. Visit our 'Meet the Coaches' page to see more.

Who is the company behind Room To Move?

'Access Parkour' and are the leading provider for teaching Parkour in Edinburgh and Scotland.
We use our knowledge of healthy movement to teach all our classes and have developed our range of adult classes focusing on mobility, stretching and getting back into movement for all kinds of people.
We strive to be inclusive, ethical and forward thinking. Visit our About page to learn more about us.

What to expect?

So many gym experiences start with anxiety and worry. We know this and try and avoid it wherever posisble. Just turn up about 5 minutes before the class starts and talk to the person at the front deskl. Mention it is your first time and they'll be keen to help you out. There's a small waiting area if you are a little early and if you're a bit late - stand around looking confused for a few seconds and someone will come and help. Back in the Game is normally a barefoot or socks class. Some classes use trainers. Some don't.

Will I fit in?

Yes! Our main goal is to make movement accessible to all! At our introductory class; Back in the Game you will be among a diverse group of people from different backgrounds.
We also strive to make our classes a safe space for all ages; disabilities; backgrounds; genders; orientations and are proudly LGBTQ+ friendly.

Is there a contract membership? How much are classes?

You can just drop into our classes. You don't even need to book before hand (although please do try and book so we know to expect you). Most people begin on a drop-in basis. But then switch to our membership contract. The first monht is £40 and then it is £70 per month. You can cancel at any time. Our Back In The Game class is £10, Acrobatic classes are £8 and private classes are £40 Visit our Prices page for more deatils on discounts optional membership.

I have more questions.

If you have mre questions, you can either head on over to our full FAQ in the About page. Or get in contact with us!

Check out our full FAQ page to see all our commonly asked questions, or scroll down to see images from our classes.



Want to see what it looks like? Check out our Gallery below to get a feel for the whole place.

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If we have left anything unclear, feel free to get in touch!
You can either find us on Facebook, email or call us


Phone number: 01312125151