Children's MiniCamps

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, Access Parkour have cancelled all our camps and will not restart in their old format in 2020.

We have a new full day 'Mini Camp' offering for groups of up to 8 kids.

We offer full day experiences for groups of up to 8 children for £250.

A day will consist of  6 - 8 hours and will include a coach accompanying the group throughout that day. They will enjoy Parkour, games, adventures and other activities.

Please get in contact for more details or to book a MiniCamp



Access Parkour runs around 40 days of Parkour, Circus and Ninja Camps every year during every major school holiday at our purpose built facility Room to Move





General Information

The camp is based at Room To Move

41 West Bowling Green Street


Camps are drop in, so you can book however many days you want.

Camps are aimed for children from age: 8-16 for the full day camps and children from 5-8 years in our 10-12pm morning sessions. We occasionally make exceptions for younger children with older siblings but you MUST contact us first or we reserve the right to turn you away.

Each day runs from 10am - 4pm but you can buy Early Drop off is you wish to arrive between 8am-10am and Late Pick up if you'd like to leave between 4pm-6pm.

Early drop-off and late pick up cost £6 and the children are supervised. Normally it is a mix of free play and the occasional game.

Lunch runs between 12pm - 12:30pm. We do not provide lunch and the children must bring packed lunches.

Fizzy drinks and artificial sweets are not allowed at Camp. Please bring water or juice.

There is a tap for water but we recommend children bring their own water bottles.

The camp regularly runs both indoor and outdoors all year round and children should have the proper clothes for both activities with them.


1 day: £40 2 days: £70

3 days: £100 4 days: £130

5 days: £160

Early Drop off: £6

Late Pickup £6

U8 Mornings (10am-12pm) £14

Parkour Camp

Our regular Parkour Camps are an intense day of Parkour training as well as many of our favorite games and challenges. A busy, exhausting but entirely worthwhile activity.

10-14th February

6-8th April

13-15th April



Ninja Camp combines the Movement Skills of Parkour and many self defence techniques from Krav Maga to create a complete Ninja experience. Expect to learn some new skills as well as play far more Ninja based games than any one person can handle

16-17th April

Parkour and Circus Camp

Join us for our amazing Parkour and Circus Camps! Fun, Games and all sorts of different challenges.

Learn Parkour, and circus skills taught by amazing teachers. The camp will contain both indoor and outdoor elements if the weather allows.

9-10th April

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If we have left anything unclear, feel free to get in touch!
You can either find us on Facebook, email or call us


Phone number: 01312125151