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'Edinburgh Parkour' or “Ed-PK” has been the name of the casual Edinburgh community since 2005 and their regular Saturday jams have been running pretty much uninterrupted since 2005.

Access Parkour fully supports the casual Parkour community and works closely to try and help the development of Parkour wherever it can.


Ed-Pk regularly meet up together on an informal basis to train. Their most regular meet up is every Saturday at 12pm outside Holyrood Parliament.

They also have a regular Wednesday Jam at 6pm. This and other less regular meet ups are organised via the Facebook group

These informal meets ups are undertaken at a participants own risk and are suitable for those who want to try Parkour for themselves without the restrictions of a class environment.

Access Parkour recommends that anyone starting Parkour seeks out qualified coaching at least in the first instance in order to learn how to train safely.

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