Room to Move

Room to Move is Access Parkour's venue in North Edinburgh. We are based at 41 West Bowling Green Street EH6 5NX. We host regular Parkour, Aerial and Circus Classes. To find out more information about each class, click below!

Parties and Workshops

Workshops, 1 to 1s, speciality events, training events, dance rehearsals and a host of other one off uses.

We specialise in hosting children's parties. These can run for any age from 5 years and up. We can accommodate up to 40 children at a time.

A standard Children's Party involves learning how to interact with the equipment safely, then learning skills and playing games on the equipment. The majority of the party will be lead but the children will also be given some free time to play on the equipment.

 Professional Training

Room to Move offers Professional training memberships for the use of the space during the day. This membership is restricted to working professionals who do not require supervision for their training. Membership costs £36 or is £6 drop-in.

At present, Professional training can run from 9 - 17:00 on Monday  Thursdays and 9- 12:30 Tuesday Wednesday and 9 - 14:30 Friday. Other slots are advertised as and when the centre is available. Make sure to use the Facebook Group to make sure a keyholder will be in

You can drop-in for £6/£9 per day or become a permanent member for £36/£50 a month