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Wildcard Wednesdays

Exclusive one-off workshops over winter

It's getting colder. It's getting darker. The same old routine isn't going to cut it over the next few months. 

That's why we launched Wildcard Wednesdays: a brand new series of weird and wonderful workshops to keep things interesting. 

Expect introductions to whole new skills (Heard of kendama, much?), exciting creative collaborations (Who fancies some parkour-inspired sketching and abstract art?) and even whole new crossovers (What does combining circus acrobatics and parkour look like?)!


Partner Acrobatics Parkour

7 Dec 2022

A specially developed new workshop combining the disciplines of parkour and circus partner acrobatics.

Experienced professional circus performer Chrissie Ardill and Access Parkour lead coach John "Hedge" Hall have been researching how these two art forms can complement each other for over a year.

This workshop will be a practical sharing of Hedge and Chrissie's findings, bringing exciting new dimensions and possibilities to practitioners from both worlds.

At least some experience in either partner acro or parkour is required but we anticipate this will be a mixed ability event. If you have any doubts about whether this workshop will be appropriate for you, please email


Parkour and Action Drawing

30 Nov 2022

This Wildcard Wednesday workshop has already happened! Check out the other options above for what's coming up.

Dylan Jones is a qualified parkour coach with a degree in fine arts. Join him in this workshop to explore the creativity that can be inspired by movement.

Over 90 minutes you'll merge together two practices that have the concept of flow at their heart: parkour and drawing. Let your creative mind and body loose with an evening of free-flowing movement and mark making.

All materials will be supplied, although participants are welcome to bring their own, and comfortable clothing is recommended. Absolutely no experience in parkour or drawing is required, although this workshop will be also suitable for experienced parkour practitioners and artists.

Reflect on your own movement and be inspired by that of others around you to create your very own parkour works of art to take away.


Parkour Photography

16 Nov 2022

This Wildcard Wednesday workshop has already happened! Check out the other options above for what's coming up.

This one and half hour workshop will be a unique opportunity to jump behind a camera and learn some techniques and skills to photograph parkour.

The workshop will be led by Donald Dalziel, an experienced parkour and circus photographer as well as qualified parkour coach. You can check out his work here:

You will have the opportunity to both photograph and be photographed doing parkour, but if you’d rather just do parkour, or just do photography, that is okay.

You don’t need a camera to attend (parkour models welcome!), but anything from a mobile phone camera, to a DSLR with changeable lenses can be used for the workshop's photography elements.

We recommend wearing clothes you can move around in. Access Parkour lead coach, Hedge, will give a gentle introduction to some basic parkour movements at the start of the workshop. This is optional, but will give all budding parkour photographers a special insight into the discipline they wish to capture.


Mid-week Balance

14 Dec 2022

Ever get to Wednesday and feel you could use some more balance in your life? Maebh Rice, one of Access Parkour's equilibrium experts, has designed this friendly, inclusive workshop to bring you just that.

While balance is rarely the focus of traditional sports and fitness environments, it's a core part of parkour training, and one of parkour's most accessible skills.

Over 90 minutes, Maebh will guide you through a mixture of upright (on your feet), quadrupedal (on your hands and feet) and inverted (on your hands) balance.

More info coming soon but expect a focus on building good posture, stability and endurance.



23 Nov 2022

This Wildcard Wednesday workshop has already happened! Check out the other options above for what's coming up.

Bored? Travelling? Waiting around for someone? If you've ever wished you had something more inspiring, fun and satisfying to do than scrolling endlessly on your phone in those situations, kendama might be for you.

A kendama is a wee skill toy small enough to fit into most bags (and even some pockets!) with a deceptively simple concept. There's a ball on a string attached to a handle. Chuck the ball, and "catch" it somewhere on the handle's cups, edges or its spike.

Sound easy enough? Add in different grips, swings and loops and the combos are endless. Within seconds of picking up a kendama for the first time, you'll realise this "toy" is actually also training your reaction speed, hand-eye co-ordination and balance. So much so that kendama play has been used as a way to evaluate robotic arms!

Chris Martin, one of Access Parkour's lead coaches, became a kendama convert a few years ago. Today, you'll see him with his kendama all around Edinburgh whenever he has a few seconds to spare.

As well as using it to train his physical skills, Chris loves the sense of focus and mindfulness that comes from kendama flow.

Join Chris for this friendly introduction to kendama. Kendamas will be provided to all participants for the duration of the workshop, but you're also welcome to bring your own!


Kong Vault Deep Dive

9 Nov 2022

This Wildcard Wednesday workshop has already happened! Check out the other options above for what's coming up.

The Kong Vault Deep Dive will help you level up your kongs, no matter your starting point.

Suitable for all experience levels, our in-house kong experts will cover the basics of kong mechanics all the way up to harnessing your momentum for the explosive power needed for dive kongs, big kong precisions or a double kong.

As well as info and practical cues on the night, you'll also be given plenty of tips to take away, so you can keep perfecting your kong vaults in your own time.

King Kong? Nah, come to his workshop and you'll be the King of Kongs!


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Looking for something else? 


Access Parkour offers a range of bespoke private services for the varying needs of our clients, both adults and kids. All of our coaches are able to introduce you to parkour in a confident and friendly manner, but on top of this, each has an area in which they particularly excel.

Whether you want to work on rehabilitating old injuries with Hedge, or perfecting your 'kongs' with Chris, each of our instructors are happy to spend some time with you helping you develop your parkour skills.