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Professional Training


On weekdays, Room to Move is a hub for professional performers and athletes to train. We offer a quiet training space during the day for professional aerialists; acrobats; jugglers; dancers; parkour practitioners and other disciplines who want a creative space amongst like minded professionals to train.

Membership is £43 per month or £6.50 drop-in. All professionals are required to have public liability insurance in order to be allowed to train in the space.

Room is available until 5pm Monday to Thursday for professional training, and until 2.30pm on Fridays. It can also be booked after 9pm most days if no other bookings exist. 

All professionals must leave promptly (5pm Mon - Thur / 2.30pm Friday) in order to provide access for classes and workshops.


Professional members are able to bring guests to the space (details must be left at the reception desk sign in book at a cost of £6.50).


As part of your professional membership, you may run private lessons in the space to members of the public. The cost is £6.50 per guest.


Pro Members are asked to use the calendar to record when they will use the space. If they need use of a particular area, then they should put it in the calendar at least 24 hours in advance. For those who want to use the entire floor or a specific rigging point, booking in is highly recommended.

Pro members turning up without booking are still welcome to use the space, but will be expected to defer to the calendar if someone else wants to use an area and has booked.

If you do not need any particular space, you are free to use Room without booking, but we do ask you to check the calendar in case the time you choose overlaps with cleaning or classes. We ask you to try to avoid using Room during booked cleaning hours, but understand that sometimes clashes will be inevitable.

If you need to cancel, please post up in the messenger group and change the calendar as soon as you can.

Room to Move Acrobatics


Our gym is located in north-east Edinburgh, 20 minutes bus or 30 minutes walk from Waverly train station. Limited free parking is available, and there is space for bikes.

41 West Bowling Green Street,

Edinburgh, Scotland




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Room to Move Conditions of use

1. Cost

  • Professional membership - £43 per month.

  • Drop in - £6.50 per day


2. Payment

  • Members can pay month by direct debit with Teamup or by cash/card at Room.


3. Insurance

  • Professional members must have Public Liability insurance (Equity membership is accepted).


4. Keys

  • Professional members will not have a key to the Venue. Access will be by prior arrangement, and a keyholder must be onsite throughout the period of training

  • Regular members can apply for a key which comes with additional responsibilities.

5. Access Hours

  • Members can use the venue if it is not booked for other activities.

  • Members must finish up their activities at least 10 minutes prior to any other bookings in the space.

  • If the venue becomes unavailable at any time, the company will inform members via the Facebook Group

  • Limited late night training is available when booked in advance with a key holder that will also be present. This must not interfere with booked classes.

6. Responsible Use

  • The Venue must be kept tidy for when the classes are run.

  • No food or drink is to be consumed in the main hall.

  • Members must only use equipment that they are insured to use.

  • Any damage must be reported to the Company as soon as possible.

  • Members cannot be in the Venue unless a keyholder Is present.

  • All aerial training must be recorded in the blue folder.

  • Members may leave up to two items at Room to Move as part of their membership. An item may be a piece of kit or a small bag. Kit must be stored away when not in use.

7. Liability

  • Any property left at the Venue by any members is done so at their own risk.

  • If any property in the Venue is damaged by any member, then the member(s) will be liable to pay for it.

  • The Company accepts no responsibility for injuries or accidents to the members who use the Venue.


Ready to Sign up?

We have a WhatsApp group for pro members. Once you've signed up, email with your phone number and we'll add you to the group and the booking calendar.

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