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One-to-one, small groups or personal training for kids and adults


Access Parkour offers a range of bespoke private services for the varying needs of our clients, both adults and young people. All of our coaches are able to introduce you to parkour in an accessible, friendly manner, but on top of this, each has an area in which they particularly excel.

Whether you want to work on rehabilitating old injuries with Hedge, or perfecting your 'kongs' with Chris, each of our instructors are happy to help you develop your skills and meet your goals.

To get started, just book a free, no-strings-attached, 20 minute consultation using the buttons under each coach's bio. 



Find the perfect Parkour class for you with Access Parkour's wide range of adult classes


Adam Romaine

Adam is a full-time coach and occasional circus performer with a degree in Physics. He loves all sorts of physical skills and is a qualified personal trainer.


Adam is a big advocate for the benefits of strength training and has a particular interest in making it accessible and fun,  no matter your starting point. 

Strengths: Breaking down technical movements into easy-to-understand bits. Is one with the weights.

Weakness: Thinks pink joggers are trendy


Dylan Jones

Dylan is our resident trickster. By which we mean he runs our legendary Flips and Tricks classes for kids and adults.

A big fan of creative movements, Dylan loves putting together routes with unusual angles and innovative combos.

If you're looking for supportive but chill vibes and to finally land the backflip you've been dreaming of, Dylan's your guy. 

Strengths: Acrobatic movements, keeping overexcited teens and young adults safe when going upside down.

Weakness: Can't speak as much Welsh as  you'd think.



John or 'Hedge' delivers most of our conditioning and movement programs, taking a special interest in creating spaces that build healthier people both mentally and physically. He splits his time between managing the company, teaching as much as he can and researching parkour. 

Hedge regularly helps people pre- and rehabilitate their bodies for parkour and enjoys helping those who feel seriously unfit to find a pathway back into enjoying movement.

Strengths: Movement, conditioning, rehabilitation.

Weakness: Big boss man. Normally very busy.


Chris Martin

Parkour completely changed Chris' life. After being warned off all sports as a child due to a little-understood health condition, he has now completed an HND in sports coaching and is a full-time parkour coach.

Chris applies a playful and imaginative approach to movement, and always has a big smile on his face.

He'll provide all the techniques and tips you need to embrace your own creativity.

Strengths: Unstoppable mindset of improvement.

Weakness: Can't work public transport

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Joel Howells

Joel is a professionally graded youth worker with experience in dance, theatre, and many more creative arts. Joel has been practicing parkour (or something close to it) for almost 15 years, and teaching nearly as long.

Joel’s Youth Work background has helped him develop his own unique style of coaching and enabling creative expression.

He’s tall, but not scary, and makes every session, however different or random, an enjoyable learning journey!

Strengths: Mentoring young people, connecting with people in difficult circumstances.

Weaknesses: Rubbish at hide and seek


No worries! Just book a chat with any of our coaches and they can advise you on who might be the best fit. 


Access Parkour are leaders in teaching parkour and movement across Edinburgh and Scotland. We believe in making movement accessible to all.

Our range of healthy and fun classes provides something for everyone.
We teach parkour and movement outdoors and indoors across Edinburgh and Scotland. Our custom-built space for indoor classes is called Room To Move.

Our range of classes is designed for those entirely new to movement or exercise, as well as the more budding athletic enthusiasts.

Parkour coach
Parkour coach
Parkour coach
Parkour coach


Check out what our classes look like below.
For more photos and videos from all our classes check out our gallery page.

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