Access Parkour offers a range of bespoke Private classes for varying requirements. All of our coaches are able to introduce you to Parkour in a confident and friendly manner, but on top of this, each has an area where they particularly excel at.

Whether you want to work on rehabilitating old injuries with Hedge or perfecting your Kong with David each of our instructors are happy to spend some time with you helping you develop your parkour skills.

Find out all of our availability below, or check out the coaches and find the face you like best to book directly with them.

Meet the Coaches


John or 'Hedge' delivers most of our conditioning and movement programs, taking a special interest in creating spaces that build better people both mentally and physically. He splits his time between managing the company, teaching as much as he can and researching Parkour. 

Hedge regularly helps people pre and rehabilitate their bodies for Parkour using corrective techniques for the body and enjoys helping those who are seriously unfit find a pathway back into enjoying movement

Strengths: Movement, Conditioning, Rehabilitation.

Weakness: Big Boss man. Normally very busy.

Adam is a full time coach and occasional circus performer with a degree in Physics. He loves all sorts of physical skills and runs many of our most fun classes for children. He has an almost Peter Pan quality with children, and is one of our most popular coaches. His classes are known to be physical yet fun - applying many circus skills and games to his teaching style.

Strengths: At risk youths and children with additional support needs

Weakness: Thinks pink joggers are trendy

Seb is a master of Flips and Tricks and all that is fun and silly and bouncy in the world. Running all of our acrobatics and movement classes - he loves teaching up and coming athletes who want to add some complexity to their movements - whether that is big and technical jumps or how to begin flips - Seb is a proud member of the Brewman performance and clothing company and would love to spend some time showing you how to move.

Strengths: Big Jumps and Flips

Weakness: Still hasn't worked out how to speak Scottish

Stefano moved here from Italy to pursue his coaching career and is by far our most well traveled coach. He chose to learn to coach by travelling around the world to seek out as many of the most interesting coaches he could and learned from them. He brings with him the collected experience and wisdom of some of the most fascinating coaches in the world and is an advocate of the more ADD style of being strong and useful in your movement.

Strengths: Variety, complexity, innovation and play.

Weakness: Doesn't know how to stop

Parkour completely changed Chris's life. He has pulled himself up by his bootstraps and has completed and HND in sports coaching. He's now moving into full time Parkour coaching with a focus on teaching young people and those from deprived backgrounds. No-one understands the transformative nature of Parkour as well as Chris and he is happy to show you his quiet culture of effort with a big smile on his face and all the technique and tips you need to change your own world view.

Strengths: Unstoppable mindset of improvement

Weakness: Can't work public transport


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