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Pricing Consultation (Adults)

As a result of the pandemic - we made some changes to our adult pricing structure. But it happened very quickly and I prefer to have some degree of consultation about these things. So below I want to outline to you all my ideas for classes moving forward and get your feedback on them. Expecting to implement these changes in January 2021.

Drop in

Our base class price was increased from £6 per hour to £8 per hour for all adult classes making a standard parkour class cost £12 - with the 1 hour movement classes remaining at £10.

I quite like the idea of having a single price point for all classes - making all drop-in classes the same price - £12. This would simplify the adult customer experience quite a lot. It would also make it easier to offer 'Blocks' of classes that could be booked and used for any class.


We are expecting to increase the price of membership in line with class cost increase. This would make membership now cost £85 per month. But what I would like to do is make this become the new entry level price while still honoring any and all existing membership contracts. So if you are paying for membership now at £70 per month - then your contract stays the same price. This would also be an option for those paying yearly. £700 vs. £850

Discount rate

As part of the price increase - we also created a 'No questions asked' discount rate at £7.50 per class. This aimed to offer cheaper classes for anyone that felt they needed the discount. This 2nd price point is aimed at making classes more accessible to those who need it. I quite like this and want to continue offering it. We're seeing about 10% of people use it and I haven't encountered a single instance where I would consider it to have been misused. I will also replace the student membership with a 'discount' membership and set it at an equivalent price £55/month

Block bookings

If I make all classes the same price then I can offer block bookings that can be used interchangeably on all classes.

This would be 5 for £55 10 for £100 20 for £180 and 50 for £450. All to be used within 6 months of their first use.

The main use of the increased income will be to boost coaches salary. We think it's important that we pay the coaches a fair wage and the price increase will allow us to improve their quality of life.

Please give me your thoughts and feedback on any of these ideas. I want to create a fair pricing structure for everyone involved and am open to changing and developing a pricing model that works for you.

You can contact me on or via the APEs facebook group or the Discord

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