Parkour Photography Workshop

with international Parkour photographer Andy Day

3pm to 6pm, Monday 29th April

Central Edinburgh. Exact location to be confirmed.

Price: Pay afterwards what you can afford. Free for under 18s.

Limited to 15 places, reserve your place in advance. 

Join experienced photographer Andy Day for a three-hour workshop where you can learn how to capture the dynamic art of parkour. As well as learning practical techniques such as composition, framing, exposure, pre-visualisation and more, you will also learn how to find locations, direct athletes, understand their movements, communicate effectively, and work in partnership to create striking images.



You will get the opportunity to work with an experienced parkour athlete, exploring the city alongside them, and gaining an insight into how close collaboration is key to creating effective parkour photographs.

If you train parkour, you will be welcome to perform and be photographed also, but this will be at your own risk.

The session will go ahead regardless of the weather so please dress appropriately and expect to spend the duration of the workshop outdoors.

This workshop is suitable for photographers of all levels. Ideally, you will have a mirrorless or DSLR camera with interchangeable lenses, or a bridge camera. If you have a wide angle lens, even better. Equally, you will be welcome to take part if you simply want to use your camera phone or compact camera.

Reserve your place in advance.


If we have left anything unclear, feel free to get in touch!
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