Amazing events for children from 5+

Room to Move is available every Saturday for Children's Parties.

They are one of our most popular activities – we ran over 70 parties in 2018.

Our children's parties run for children from 5 years and up. We can accommodate up to 40 children at a time.


A standard Parkour Party involves learning how to use the equipment safely, then learning skills and playing games using all of our new skills. The aim is to get the children quickly competent to move safely through the equipment and then to have as much fun as possible. The majority of the party will be lead but the children will also be given some free time to play on the equipment.


We do not provide food and drink - but it is normal for parents to bring a birthday cake or snacks for the children to eat after the party.


At a normal party we run activities for about 70 minutes leaving 5 minutes at the end for birthday cake. Sometimes we finish early so the children can sit together and eat. This is especially common for younger children (5-8years) for whom 60 minutes of sustained activity is normally enough.

We can offer children's birthday parties most weekends in Parkour, Circus and Self Defence. Standard party price is £10 per child for a 75 minute party. Further details available on request. 

Birthday party deposits are £50. The minimum number for a party is 7 children If you'd like a smaller bespoke experience - get in touch and we can arrange something more appropriate for a small group.


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