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In order to align with Covid restrictions, and general health and well being – we introduced many new protocols at Room to Move. As we transition back to a more normal world, we are keeping some restrictions in place at our venue in order to:

  • Protect our community and make them feel safe and welcome in our space.

  • Reduce the likelihood of the spread of Covid, flu and other germs.

​​Please make sure to fully read this guidance before attending class at Room to Move.

By attending classes you agree to adhere to the below guidance. If you don't follow this guidance - we may ask you to leave.

Before You Leave Home

  • Ensure that you are not showing any symptoms of Covid. If you are, do not attend class and follow the government guidelines for self-isolation and testing. If you have attended the gym recently, please inform us via email immediately if you test positive.

  • Arrive at the correct time and be booked into the session. If you are struggling with booking – give us a call at least 1 hour before the class starts on 0131 212 5151.

  • Only bring minimal items with you. We cannot provide changing facilities. You may bring a change of shoes into the gym and small personal items such as your phone/water bottle. Water and drinks bottles should have your name written on. Any items left in the gym will be disposed of.

When you arrive

  • If you appear unwell when signing in – the coach may ask after your health. If they suspect you are not completely healthy – they will not let you into the building and will refund your class as credit. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

  • By entering Room to Move – you are consenting to having us pass your details onto track and trace and to self isolating for 10 days if you are found to have shared a session with someone who tests positive for Covid

  • There is limited space for parents/guardians or families to wait in the gym, so please be aware of this.

  • Hand sanitising stations are provided and you are encouraged to use them.

  • Place your belongings into a cubby holes and make your way into the open space. Bear in mind that others may prefer to maintain distance and respect their personal space.

During Class

  • For the most part, classes will be designed so that you can maintain whatever level of physical distancing you prefer, we ask you to take responsibility to keep your preferred distance.

  • Attending an indoor class does not count as being in close contact with those attending class. But partnering with someone or spotting them does. You may opt out of these activities.

  • You must listen to and follow the instructions of your coach at all times. Any misbehaviour will be met with a zero tolerance policy and participants may be asked to sit out or leave the gym.

  • If you need to use the toilet – make sure you wash your hands thoroughly and then use hand sanitiser before returning to class. 

  • Hand sanitising stations are at the entrance to the building and the toilet. It is recommended that you sanitise your hands regularly and in particular before and after using equipment.

  • Face masks for participants during sessions are welcomed but not mandatory.

  • Bringing your own yoga mat is welcomed but not mandatory for floor based activities.


When you Leave

  • If you develop any Covid symptoms within 72 hours of attending Room to Move – please inform as soon as is practically possible so that we can work with Track and Trace. 


If you have any questions about the above guidance or wish to report symptoms, please email us at

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