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Access Parkour's news and upcoming events

  • Too much choice, what should I do?"
    If you're an adult, come to our Back in The Game class. or come to any of our Adult Indoor parkour classes. These are both great choices to dip your toe in and see what Access Parkour is like. If you are a kid or parent, then any of our classes are perfect. Any indoor class or our weekend outdoor classes at the scottish parlimanet are favourites for newcomers to try a class out. Feel free to contact us if you are still unsure or want any advice.
  • I'm a beginner. Can I try parkour?
    Yes! The entire point of a parkour class is to provide beginners with a way to get into the sport. The outdoor classes are a bit more adventurous than the indoor classes, but all of our classes are suitable for beginners and you will be safely led through the basic movements from the moment you enter your first class.
  • Who will be teaching myself or my kids?
    If you scroll down this page, you can find the friendly team of qualified coaches. Also, when you book into a class, you can see which specific coach will be leading the sesion. All our coaches are qualified, first aid trained and personally selected and approved by Access Parkour's high standard of teaching. Feel free to Contact Us if you would like to know more about a specific coach or who will be taking a class.
  • I'm worried for my/my child's safety.
    Parkour is a sport that takes place entirely on hard surfaces and it can sometimes have a daredevil reputation in popular media. So we're also very concerned about making our classes seem as safe as possible. Luckily, numbers don't lie. Parkour records far fewer injuries than much more popular sports like football and rugby. In fact, Parkour accounts for approximately 40x fewer major injuries than Rugby. You can expect your fair shares of bumps and bruises as you are learning, but our coaches are knowledgable experts who will do their best to keep you safe. You'll quickly discover you are far more in control of your own safety than you realise and decide for yourself the risks you choose to take.
  • My child has never done Parkour before. When can they join?
    Our children's classes are all drop-in so there's no need to wait and so long as you book you are guaranteed a spot in the class.
  • Can I drop in?
    Of course! If you don't want to pay for a block you can drop in to any of our adult classes for £12. Classes for young people are between £8 and £12 depending on the length of the class.
  • What should I wear?
    Clothes you feel comfortable moving in. Normally jogging bottoms and a t-shirt in summer and then add a thermal layer and a jumper in the winter. Comfy trainers are best. The thinner the sole the better. Bring water. Water is good for you.
  • Can I book from my phone/tablet?
    Yes, you can book using GoTeamUp. Either via a browser or by downloading their app and searching for 'Access Parkour'
  • Do I need to book?
    We use booking to make sure that enough coaches are booked onto each class so that we can accommodate the demand. We never guarantee that drop-ins will be able to take part in a class but we will always do our best to make sure that they can if there is space. So feel free to risk it. But booking is very easy. So please do your best.
  • How do I know where the Outdoor Parkour Class is?
    You need to join the outdoor class mailing list. Email us at as soon as possible and we will get you hooked up. There's also a sign up page.
  • I'm worried everyone will be a crazy backflipping 18 year old monkey
    Our regular students range in age from 16 into their late 60s. Our outdoor regulars are both male and female, young and old and all keen to welcome new folk. If you are still unsure you can come along to our Back in The Game classes and then graduate outdoors when you feel secure and ready. We have never met anyone who is too unfit to join in the Back in The Game classes and trust us, you will not be an exception.
  • Can I see some pictures from your classes?
    Yes of course! We have a media gallery page here: www.accessparkour/gallery or visit our Instagram page here:
  • Do you climb on roofs?
    The culture of climbing onto roofs and daredevil stunts you see on youtube are akin to skiers that attempt to ski down Mount Everest. We're not saying it doesn't happen, it just has very little to do with a child getting their first ski lesson on the nursery slope at Hillend. In general, Access Parkour and all of our coaches avoid any and all activities that may be construed as illegal as a point of principle.
  • I have a question not covered here
    No worries, please Contact Us by emailing us at and ask away. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
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