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Amazing events for children from 6+


Mini Camps

We are available regularly to deliver full day Covid safe outdoor Parkour experiences for children from 6-12 years.

Based at a house of your choosing - our coaches will come to you and deliver a half or full day experience for up to 8 children.


We are not presently offering Birthday Parties at Room to Move. We are offering full and half Day Mini Camps instead.

A Minicamp is a great way to keep the kids entertained for the whole day. Our coaches will deliver a mixture of Parkour coaching, games and adventures that will provide unique experiences for children new to Parkour and fantastic training for those who are more experienced. 

Parents are still responsible for providing a packed lunch (we recommend a hearty meal as it'll be a long physical day).

We also require a 'base' that children can return to in order to use the toilet, eat lunch and meet and be collected from. We recommend a parent volunteers their house for this.


In cases of extreme weather - bases serve as a place to return to in order to wait out the worst of the weather before heading back out to explore.




Don't worry, we haven't forgotten you! Alongside our vast range of regular adult classes we also teach Parkour team building events or parties for adults too.

Please get in touch to book



We also work with companies to provide Parkour and Mobility workshops in office places to boost staff engagement and healthy practices in the office.

Visit for more details

A full day Mini Camp will run for up to 8 hours and costs £250.

A half day Mini Camp will run for up to 4 hours and costs £150.

We take a deposit of £50 in order to secure the date and time for the camp and the remaining balance is due on completion of the day.

A Mini Camp can be run for up to 8 children at one time. We only run small group activities to keep them Covid safe and recommend the children are either all from the same school class or from as few households as possible.

The exact timing of the camps are up to you - as is the location of the 'base'. We will confirm details with you via email.


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