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Please Note: This page is out of date. A list of Kids Classes that are available can be found at the link below



Access Parkour has a range of classes for children from 5 upwards. Both indoors and outdoors for all levels. We can introduce your children to Parkour and help them learn everything they need to give Parkour a go themselves.





These classes are designed for children from five years and up and run indoors on our purpose built scaffolding. A perfect introduction to Parkour for bouncy children who need to learn how to run jump and play safely in concrete environments. These classes focus on playing games, solving puzzles and learning concrete movement.

Wednesday 5-6pm £6

Thursday 5-6pm £6

Friday 2:30 - 3:30pm £6

Sunday 4-5pm £6


These classes are for children from 8 to 12. They are designed to teach children the fundamentals of Parkour and Movement skill. These classes have a strong focus on developing the basic building blocks of movement and are a mix of technical skill development and open creativity and play. By far our most popular classes, please make sure you book into these classes to make sure there is space.

Monday 5-6pm (Girls Only)! £6

Wednesday 5-6pm £6

Thursday 6-7:30pm £9

Friday 3:30 - 5pm £9

Sunday 3-4pm £6


These classes are aimed at anyone 12 to 18. They focus on helping you build your parkour practice, develop real, useful movements, build fitness, solve movement problems and help you develop your own parkour practice. The classes are designed such that an unfit beginner could come along with no skill set and learn parkour safely.

Wednesday 6-7:30pm £9

Friday 5:30 - 7:30pm £12





Family Class

Our biggest and most popular class, the Family class combines a great morning outdoor experience for children with a free, completely introductory parents class. Teaching the parents the various different movements the children use and waking you upi on a Saturday morning. Our outdoor classes run in ALL weather.

Parents/Guardians MUST stay in attendance during the class. They are always invited to join in the free parent’s class or to just sit and watch if they prefer.

Where: Holyrood Parliament, Horse Wynd
When: Saturday 10-11am
Price £6 per child
Age: 6-16


U18 Youth 

Our youth class runs before the EDPK open Jam, giving the older girls and boys the chance to turn up and learn parkour in a constructive and safe environment while also allowing them to practice their skills outdoors after class finishes.

Where: Holyrood Parliament, Horse Wynd

When: Saturday 11-12pm

Price £6 per child

Age: 12-18


U12 Youth


The Sunday U12 Youth Class originally started as an overflow class for our Saturday Morning class but has grown into another great movement experience outdoors. This class runs in ALL weather. Note: We don't presently run a parents class on Sunday.

Where: Holyrood Parliament, Horse Wynd

When: Sunday 12pm - 1pm

Price £6 per child

Age: 6-12


U18 Youth

The U18 youth class is a 90 minute outdoor experience. We run this class similarly to our Adult Parkour classes. Travelling a little further afield and pushing you a little harder than in our 1 hour classes.

Where: Holyrood Parliament, Horse Wynd

When: Sunday 1-2:30pm

Price £9 per child

Age: 12-18


Getting Started

There's a classic problem with booking systems. And there's never a suitable answer. In general, you can either have a booking system which is simple, but lacks depth and complexity. Or you have to go with one that is more complicated but can be a pain to set up. In late 2017, Access Parkour threw our hands up in despair at our simple booking system and gave in. Scaling up to a much more complicated system with more functionality. 

The natural flow of the system is optimised so that one person can sign up and book in. But there's an extra step required for families. Nearly everyone misses it and gets confused. So this Handy Handout is Here to Help!

If you are on a phone DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE APP. Click the top right of the screen to close the App download.

Step 1

Click on 'Book a Class' or any of the other call to actions on the Access Parkour Website and create an account. If you have 2 or more kids, the account should be in your name. If you have one child, use their name. The emergency contact should be a second point of contact for the children if we can't get hold of you. A spouse or Grandparents are normal.

Step 2

When filling in the information make sure to add Family Members by clicking on this link. If you only have one child, skip steps 2 and 3 and fill in the child's details as the main account and your details for the emergency contact.

Step 3

Fill in the children's details here. Make sure to click that they are paid for by the new client.

If you have teenagers, they may have their own emails and phone numbers. If they do, feel free to input them, but they are not required.

You can do this as many times as you like to create accounts for the whole family

Step 4

Once all the information is in place, make sure to sign the waiver at the bottom, check over everything and create your account.

Step 5

You now have a choice - you can either buy tickets for classes in the online store (purple). Or you can go and book classes in the classes tab (red).

Most people will go straight to the classes tab and book their classes directly. But some people might want to head over to the online store and buy Quarterly (12 week) passes or Membership (£70 fixed fee per month) if they plan on attending classes more regularly. And this is most easily done at the online store.

We'll be following the red path.

Step 6

Find the class you are most interested in and click it. Fred has chosen Family Class.

Fred now needs to book Steve, Steph and the Family Dog into class. He can either choose to make a single reservation for each one or register as unpaid. He's going to buy quarterly packs for them though so he can get the discount. So he will click on 'Make a Single Reservation'.

Recurring reservations don't work for Family Accounts. They book the account holder in directly. Which is dumb and we are trying to resolve this.

Step 7

There are lots of options to pay. Since this is Fred's First visit on the new system, he can book the children in for free. But he's a regular and so is going to choose to pay quarterly. This means he gets 12 classes for the price of 10. 

If the kids came to 3 classes or more a week, Fred might consider monthly membership. But he can only make Saturdays. So he prefers buying the quarterly pack.

Fred can't share the packs between the kids so he will have to buy a quarterly pack for Steve Steph and the Family Dog.

Step 8

Make sure to check who the pack is being bought for before clicking check out. If you mess this up, then email hedge directly at

Step 9

We use Paysafe to take credit card payments. Which means we never have direct access to your card details and you can be assured that your details are safe with us.

If you'd rather pay in cash, then cancel this payment - go back to Step 6 and register as unpaid.

Step 10

You are done! Steve Bob is booked into January 13th and you have 11 other credits remaining. You should also have a confirmation email. You can either go ahead and book into your other dates now  or book in week to week. Remember to always use the website as the App gets confused with family bookings. We're looking into this.



If we have left anything unclear, feel free to get in touch!
You can either find us on Facebook, email or call us


Phone number: 01312125151