COVID 19 - Classes

Private Social Distance Classes Outdoors

We are now running private outdoor classes with social distance measures in place. These classes are for adults and children. ​

  • Outdoor classes only

  • Classes will be for 2 households (Max. 7 people)

  • We ask you to arrange with friends and neighbours or use our social media to find small groups that can attend class together by forming extended households where appropriate.

  • We ask you to contact the coaches you want individually - if you are ambivalent then contact and we will assign you a coach.

The prices are as follows:

  • Members will be able to attend 3 hours of class per week as part of their membership pack and will be asked to contribute £25 per hour after that.

  • Standard price will be £35 per hour

  • Full day children's MiniCamps (see below£200

This will be the cost for the private sessions no matter the numbers of participants. So an individual would pay £35 per hour but a group of 5 might pay £7 each per hour if they split the cost between them.

Private Sessions are available to book on our website or can be paid in person to any of the coaches.

If you can’t afford sessions please talk to us, we are a community as well as a company.


Sessions can be booked by any of the coaches or by sending us a message or e-mail.

Hedge - - 07980650203

Adam - - 07708388368

Seb - - 07599658615

Rory - - 07887681635

Stefano - - 07549792057

Chris - - 07397111735


Our Online Live Schedule


Visit our Slack Channel for information on classes being run by our coaches and download Zoom to join in with their live classes for free!

Online classes run regularly at 7pm

Saturdays at 10am

If you are unwell or at risk for the virus (immuno-compromised, over 70s or asthmatic)

Please do not attend class

If you show symptoms of COVID-19

Please do not attend class

If you are the primary carer for or in constant contact with anyone who is at risk;

(over 70s, immuno-compromised, asthmatic)

Please do not attend class


Children's MiniCamps

We offer full day experiences for children from two households (we encourage those who can to form extended households) for £200.

A day will consist of  6 - 8 hours and will include a coach accompanying the group throughout that day. They will enjoy Parkour, games, adventures and other activities.

Please get in contact for more details or to book a MiniCamp

Finally, at a time like this it important to stay healthy of body and mind.

Stay positive and connected to our communities, even if it is only via online.

Please feel free to get in touch with us via social media or email if you have any questions, or are wanting some advice for how to stay active from home if you are isolating.

Kind Regards,
The Access Parkour Team


If we have left anything unclear, feel free to get in touch!
You can either find us on Facebook, email or call us


Phone number: 01312125151


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