Looking to improve staff engagement? Forbes found that getting your staff moving does wonders for productivity and morale, while the NHS found that movement reduced illness and absenteeism. Access Parkour are experts in teaching movement and have been delivering mobility classes to all ages and skill levels since 2013. We offer corporate packages to suit different needs, including collaborative team building and regular mobility sessions at times and lengths that suit you and will:

  • Energize your team

  • Promote mental and physical well-being

  • Improve resilience to stress

  • Build time away from the desk into the work day

  • Act as a preventative health measure

  • Reduce absenteeism

We can tailor our experiences to match your needs – contact us today to arrange a taster session.

Employees who spend the majority of their working day seated, looking at a screen inevitably end up with sore backs, stiff neck & shoulders. They might develop  headaches, repetitive strain injuries and other unpleasant ailments.


The latest research (1 2 3) shows that small, regular movement sessions are an easy way to push back against this sedentary lifestyle (4 5)

Taking note of this research, Access Parkour strives to combine the latest research with a fun and engaging style of teaching that makes the entire experience something to look forward to. 


Why Parkour?

Our Back in the Game  classes grew out of an attempt to bring Parkour's culture of training to a wider range of people without the power and strength moves normally associated with the discipline. As a result, our coaches are experienced in bringing movement skills to a wide range of ability levels. Over time, we've grown better and better at introducing fun movement classes based on Parkour to all sorts of people - with a focus on building strong and healthy individuals and having fun while doing it - we begin with mobility and strengthening work and introduce the exercises most appropriate to the class. Whether you are a bunch of 50 somethings with back pain or a group of millennials who just need to go out and about - we can create a great experience for you.


Times & Prices?

We offer a choice of timings:

  1. Morning sessions before 9am (limited!) 

  2. Sessions between 12-2.30pm - lunchtime sessions are quite popular

  3. Sessions during the working day, at a time to suit your organisation / department. 


Sessions last 30 to 60 minutes with the number of participants dependent on available room space.


Costs vary slightly depending on the time and the number of participants, but our base rate is £50 per hour (ratio of 1:12 indoors & 1:8 outdoors). This represents fantastic value at just over £4 per person if the max of 12 attend the indoor session.

Discounts are available for block bookings.

Please note: Our minimum price per visit is £50 + VAT.



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