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As a result of the COVID pandemic, businesses are faced with a threefold problem;

Team Breakdown
The majority of your workforce is likely to remain working from home for some time. A lack of day to day in-person contact between teams can lead to reduced cohesion and collaboration among workers. Employers need to find new ways to bring their teams together to rebuild that connection.

Breakdown in Mental Wellbeing
Working from home means many people have significantly reduced contact with other people day to day. This can have a major effect on mental wellbeing. Employers need to find new ways to support their employees in their new, socially distanced lives.

Breakdown in Physical Fitness
An employee can now spend their entire day at home - never leaving their house. While this is great in the fight against the global pandemic and for climate change - it is terrible for their physical fitness, especially as many gyms and traditional sporting activities are still restricted. Employees are spending long days sitting at makeshift desks on uncomfortable chairs, these home offices are slowly becoming more permanent and their physical health is deteriorating.

The Solution

Employers need to find new ways to bring their teams together, to support mental wellbeing, and promote healthy physical activity. Access Parkour has designed a number of products to meet this need.


Back in the Game

Our Back in the Game (BIG) classes grew out of an attempt to bring Parkour's culture of training to a wider range of people without the power and strength moves normally associated with the discipline. The BIG class improves your ability to move in a safe and healthy manner, for those with no exercise background or those interested in developing a full and functional range of motion.


Whether you are senior executives with back pain from long hours, or a group of millennials who want to stay active  - we can create a great experience for you.


Parkour Class 

For groups with a basic level of fitness, we can create opportunities for teams to work together, solve problems and move around more during the day.

Parkour is a physical training methodology rather than a set of movements. It teaches you to see obstacles as exciting challenges to overcome. So it is an ideal activity for team building without the need to travel to far off locations. 

Parkour classes are a great way to start your day - or as a break in the middle of the day. You don’t need any special equipment - just a pair of trainers and the willingness to try something new.



We offer a choice of timings:

  1. Early sessions before 9am (limited!) 

  2. Morning Sessions between 9am-12pm

  3. Lunchtime sessions between 12:30 -2:30pm. 


Sessions last 30 to 60 minutes with the number of participants dependent on available room space.


Sessions normally contain up to 8 people outdoors and 12 people indoors but all classes are presently running with a maximum of 6 people due to COVID restrictions.

Our basic unit price is £50 + VAT. Contact us for more information




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