Workshops and Events


Access Parkour has the ability to provide a wide range of bespoke workshops for every need. From basic movement mechanics to Children's parties and Team Building corporate events. Below are a selection of our more regular workshops, but get in touch and we'll help design something perfect for you.

Children's Parties

Our indoor venue, Room to Move is regularly available for Children's Parties, Workshops, 1 to 1s, speciality events, training events, dance rehearsals and a host of other one off uses.

We specialise in hosting children's parties. These can run for any age from 5 years and up. We can accommodate up to 40 children at a time. 

A standard Children's Party involves learning how to interact with the equipment safely, then learning skills and playing games on the equipment. The majority of the party will be lead but the children will also be given some free time to play on the equipment.

We can offer children's birthday parties most weekends in Parkour, Circus and Aerial. Standard party price is £8 per child for a 75 minute party. Further details available on request.

Email for more details.

Private Sessions

There are many reasons to choose a private session with Access Parkour. Our coaches can tailor the session to your needs. Whether it is helping deal with ongoing movement pain or an attempt to perfect a few Parkour movements, a private session helps you work on the skills you want in an environment tailored to you. 

Access Parkour has extensive experience teaching private sessions to individuals and small groups. We have taught aspiring stuntmen looking to get on the stunt register and helped motion capture actors learn about brachiation. We have taught overconfident teenagers how to backflip without landing on their heads and injured old men try out Parkour. 

We've helped bring families closer together with a family session and worked with at risk youths looking for outlets for the frustrations of life. We've helped children with Additional Support Needs learn about movement and high level sprinters overcome ongoing injuries.

Access Parkour are here for whatever needs you may have. Get in contact today at

The Access to Movement Workshop is a 6 hour event suitable for anyone working in the movement or therapy industry like sports fitness and development, those working in manual and movement therapies, and anyone keen to develop their own training and movement skills.

We look at how the traditional anatomy and physiology model was created and how it fails us as movement specialists.

We look at:

  • Using simple reflexes to correct movement patterns.
  • Using the fascial web to increase flexibility and range of movement

It is immediately applicable and will give you lots of new tools and ideas