The Team


Gordon Tsang


ParkourUK Board Member

Pet Lawyer

Gordon has been training Parkour since late 2005 and is now a full time Trainee Solicitor at a global commercial law firm. Gordon is one of our most experienced coaches and a board member of Parkour UK. He no longer takes any regular classes but he dedicates his free time to training our new coaches, as well as developing the wider Parkour scene.

John 'Hedge' Hall

Managing Director, Founder, 

Adorable Hedgehog

John Hall or 'Hedge' discovered Parkour in late 2004 after watching Jump London in school. He began coaching in 2010 and it went from a hobby, to a part time and now a full time career. Hedge moved to Edinburgh in late 2013 to begin teaching Parkour full time. With a scientific background, Hedge drives to bring the absolute best coaching practice he can to his classes. They are known to be physically and mentally challenging but incredibly rewarding. His hobbies include reading, jumping, climbing, physical conditioning and arguing about EVERYTHING.

Adam Romaine


Head coach

Neverland Native

Adam is a full time coach and occasional circus performer with a degree in Physics. He loves all sorts of physical skills and runs many of our most fun classes for children. He has an almost Peter Pan quality with children, and is one of our most popular coaches. His classes are known to be physical yet fun - applying many circus skills and games to his teaching style.

Lead Coaches

Luke Aquilina

Performing Monkey

Expat Viking

Luke grew up in Shetland and discovered Parkour in 2007. Since then has aspired to be a Parkour coach. Now living the dream in Edinburgh, Luke brings a lot of energy to every class - his unique and engaging style makes every class he teaches great fun. In his spare time Luke likes DnD, Nerf Guns and learning other movement disciplines.

David Bharrat

Founding Member

Annoyingly Talented

David is one of the founding members of Access Parkour. He is studying Engineering at University and so only teaches a few regular classes. David is an impressive Athlete and his dedication and focus come out in his coaching style. David's Sunday U18s class is a great class for improvers and he's often sought out by the more experienced practitioners for ideas and advice on the more complex techniques.

Daniel Lumsden

Tech master

King of Lank

Daniel is an aspiring actor and Parkour coach. Known mostly as a technical mover, Daniel's coaching style dips into his complicated and inventive interaction with the environment, which leads to some of the more technically challenging classes. Daniel likes to lead an ethical and responsible life as a conscientious Vegan and advocate of health

Rory Ferguson

Vice President of Upper-Middle Management

American Refugee

Rory has spent the last few years travelling the world and has finally found a home in Edinburgh with Access Parkour. A hard working and committed member of the team he is an active member of the local jamming community. 

Assistant Coaches

Sonia Marshall

Wearer of Shiny leggings

Sonia really likes Parkour. Like, really really really really loves Parkour. She also likes programming things and is studying Computer Science at Edinburgh University. Sonia teaches Women's Class and assists at some of the children's classes. She also regularly attends adult classes. So you'll almost certainly bump into her. 


Chris Martin

Spiderman's Little Brother

Chris bumped into Access Parkour entirely by accident and was immediately hooked. He has begun to learn about coaching with an interest in making a career out of it. Chris maintains a fondness for Broomhouse, where he grew up and wants to help develop the local parkour scene to help at-risk youths in the local area.

Yannik Nelson

Once Built a Computer from Scratch

Yannik splits his time evenly between jumping around and teaching Parkour and sitting in a dark room staring at a computer screen. He hopes to head off to University to study Robotics next year, but for now he can be found teaching regularly indoors and outdoors at our regular Parkour classes.

Kirsten Altenbach

World Champion Giggler

Kirsten organises more things than we can count, mobilising vast numbers of children to do Parkour, petitions people, nudges people, boosts numbers at every single class and is everywhere at the same time. She is kept busy raising two Parkour mad sons who live in their very own bouncy world full of Parkour classes and jumping.

Donald Dalziel

Anime Character

Donald is a professional director, film maker, talented editor and visual effects artist. He is also an assistant coach and handstand king. Donald mostly teaches at our Family Class on Saturday mornings. Donald is also an aspiring Circus Artist.

Regular Members

These smiley faces can be seen regularly at class and have volunteered to keep an eye out for new faces to say hi and to welcome you to the community. 

Rachel Vezza

Cat whisperer

Rachel will probably be the first person to introduce herself to you at Outdoor Class. She loves meeting new people and introducing them to Parkour. She firmly believes Parkour is for everyone and will not accept your excuse, ever.

Ryan Anderson

Trainee Coach

Wishes he was a Dragon

Ryan likes taking photos and videos of Parkour nearly as much as he likes actually doing Parkour. His degree in film making helps him make some extraordinary videos and photographs, but his passion for people means he enjoys interacting with people much more than sitting all day long in an edit cave and so he has begun learning how to coach.

Ian Stewart

Breaks things

Screams "Ian" instead of speaking

We're reasonably certain that Ian is a person rather than a robot. But we're not entirely sure. Ian likes to jump on things. But dont worry, he's perfectly friendly.

Fraser MacIntosh

Popular Musician

Forever the New Guy

Fraser is a student at Napier studying Popular Music and is a regular at the outdoor Parkour Classes - braving class in even the worst weather. Keep a look out for Fraser if you are braving the Outdoor classes for the first time!

Important People

Mel Aghanya


Full Time Mum

Magic Admin Lady

Mel is the Access Parkour secret weapon. She handles all of the administration and back-end running of Access Parkour and Room to Move and is the glue that keeps the company together. Impressive for a Luddite who hates computers. A Mother of a vast brood of amazingly talented children, when not solving crazy admin problems, she is looking after her children/cats/ husband/anything else lying around in her house.

Michele Hall


Hedge's Mum


With 15 years in the fitness industry and a decade as a massage therapist, Michele has an advisory role in Access Parkour. The BIG class is run in conjunction with her company Dynamic Balance. Michele is an RSA qualified fitness instructor who specialises in the correction of postural stresses and imbalances through a process called Spinal Touch. Michele is also a qualified massage therapist and Kinesiologist and incoporates neuromuscular techniques, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and Hyperton-X into remedial treatments. She is also a barefoot running coach and a keen advocate of natural movement.