Movement Classes

Back In The Game

Back to Basics
Back in Action
Back in Balance
Back in Charge

The BIG (Back in the Game) class provides access to movement in a safe environment, for those with no exercise background or those interested in developing full and functional range of motion. These classes serve to help people access their movement skills. For some, it is about preparing themselves better to join Parkour classes, for others it is simply a nice way to spend some time looking after your body and putting it through a range of healthy movements.

The BIG classes are healthy, help you overcome long term chronic injuries, improve posture and regain mobility. They will make you feel 10 years younger.

The BIG class has helped those with chronic back injuries; those waiting for hip transplants; sprinters determined not to lose another season to injury and many many people who want to enter retirement healthy and able to enjoy life.


Tuesday 7:30 -8:30pm Room to Move - Absolute Beginners Class £8

Wednesday 8-9pm Room to Move - Intermediate Class (also called Conditioning) £8

Movement Workshop

The Access to Movement Workshop is a 6 hour event exploring;

  • Using simple reflexes to correct movement patterns.
  • Using the fascial web to increase flexibility and range of movement

It is immediately applicable and will give you lots of new tolls and ideas