A list of more in depth articles written by our various contributors.

How to Save Parkour: A Beginners Guide

The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) intend to create a new competitive discipline from Parkour. This is against the wishes of the global Parkour community. While FIG have partnered with David Belle and Charles Perriere (both founders of the discipline), nearly every other founder and major Parkour organisation has publicly condemned the move. While there have […]

Fig-Gate: The Great Parkour Scandal

TThahFor those not following, it emerged about a week ago that Apex International, the Mouvement and the Federation International de Gymnastique have been collaborating in order to formalise a new sport known as ‘Obstacle Course Sprint’ – the name and format coming from Apex International. Based on Parkour, but named differently. My place in the […]

Conditioning and Challenge

Delivering a coach development workshop last week on the issues of Conditioning and Challenge in a Parkour coaching environment led on to an insightful discussion amongst my coaches and a lot of really interesting questions. The group’s conclusion was nuanced, interesting and worth spreading, so I thought I would write it up for public consumption- […]

AAA 2017 results

After another successful AAA comes the result. Very interestingr reading this year. We managed to collect many more results. The raw data quickly shows us a lot of cool stuff. First of all, Teamwork and Power were both way out. The majority of the participants worked together to complete a pair of unlimited teamwork exercises […]

Hedges Stretching Challenge

For 30 days follow me as I get into the habit of stretching more often. Static Stretching should be a light, pleasant way to spend your time and should help to prevent injury, improve range of motion and relax you. When done properly at least. Each day you do 30 minutes of light mobilisation. Each […]

Landing Technique

Let’s talk about Landing. Landing technique is considered paramount in the Parkour community. Yet, I am finding more and more that landing technique is being taught differently wherever you are. Some drive the knees forward, some push the bum back, some brace before impact, others tuck in mid-air. The variance is staggering and there are […]

AAA results

On the 17th January 2016, we held the inaugural Access Aspect Assessment. About half of the participants submitted their results to us so we thought we would do a short breakdown of the results with a little bit of interesting analysis. Overall, I think you’ll agree, apart from a few super humans; it was surprisingly […]

Easter Camp Write-up – Sonia

Sonia Marshall – On of our most promising young students, attended the Easter Camp and wrote up a report on it. we thought the week before the Summer Camps was an excellent time to release it to get you all psyched for the adventures we have planned for next week. I arrived at the Crags […]

Parkour and Inclusive Practice

Introduction Being around the parkour scene for so long, you see a lot of people come and go and you see how trends and concepts change with time and how thinking has evolved. One of the interesting tenants I keep hear coming back to me is that Parkour is so inclusive, anyone can do it. […]