Movement Workshop



The Access to Movement Workshop is a 6 hour event exploring;

The group explores Fascial lines in the body

  • Using simple reflexes to correct movement patterns.
  • Using the fascial web to increase flexibility and range of movement

It is immediately applicable and will give you lots of new tools and ideas


Drawing one of the fascial lines on the body

Healthy movement should naturally develop through the reflex system. We can use the reflex system to restore and maintain healthy movement patterns. We also begin to understand why, sometimes healthy movement patterns break down.


We look at how the traditional anatomy and physiology model was created and how it fails us as movement specialists. Instead we look at the role of fascia and the fascial continuity models and how we can use this model to maintain and improve flexibility.

The workshop involves both presentation and movement development time. This allows participants the opportunity to take the ideas and understand how they can be utilised into their owns field, and also to gain insight and learn from others.

It is suitable for anyone working in the movement or therapy industry like sports fitness and development, those working in manual and movement therapies, and anyone keen to develop their own training and movement skills.

This is not a course to tease you with a little information in order to sign up to a useless course.. We teach skills we use and apply every day.

Interested parties may be keen to try this as a first step to becoming an Access To Movement coach

For more information, pricing and availability contact us.

Tristan Gray “A genuinely thought-provoking and practical look into movement and human anatomy. Both insightful and constantly challenging. Looking forward to taking all that I’ve learned to benefit my clients this year. Would recommend it to anyone with any professional or casual interest in sport and movement.”

– Tristan Gray

Download a sample of the workshop content [PDF]